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Terms & Conditions of Service

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

1. House Key Arrangements
1.1 House keys are stored securely with Little Critters Petcare in single access safes. All client keys are unmarked and untraceable to a client's home location. Following the service period the carer will securely retain client's key/s for safekeeping until the client contacts the client to arrange repossession of key/s.

2. Responsibility
2.1 The carer is only responsible for the care of the pet(s). The contract does not cover the care of property unless specifically requested and outlined on agreement paperwork.

3. Liability Polices
3.1 The carer agrees to provide services stated in the contract in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives any and all claims against the carer, unless arising from gross negligence on the part of the carer. Clients agree to notify the carer of any concerns within 24hrs of returning home.
3.2 The carer cannot be responsible for pets that bite, suffer accidental injury/death or escape from faulty fencing or from inside the home due to faulty screens or doors etc.
3.3 The carer cannot be responsible for any complications pets may suffer or actions of pets while they are unattended.
3.4 The carer shall not be held responsible for the loss, injury, death or actions of any pet that the client has let outside or is allowed outside while the carer is not there. This includes pets with cat flaps and outdoor pets.
3.5 The client understands that all pets (where appropriate) must have a veterinarian and must be up to date on their vaccinations. Clients agree to reimburse the carer for all costs (included but not limited to, medical care and lost wages) associated with contracting any ailments while exposed to pets.
3.6 The carer will not sit or board for acutely ill animals or those with uncontrolled medical conditions. We suggest the pet be boarded with a vet.
3.7 The client agrees to be responsible for all costs (including, but not limited to, medical care, attorney fees, etc) if the client's pet should bite another person or animal.
3.8 The carer does not diagnose, prognose, or make therapy decisions, not does it offer veterinary services. Any vet or medical concerns will be referred to a veterinarian. 
3.9 Client's authorise the carer to obtain the services of a locksmith should a key/garage malfunction. Client's are responsible for charges unless malfunction is due to carer negligence.
3.10 The carer cannot be responsible for the pet or home if another service provider enters the property during the agreed care period.

4. Cancellation Policy
4.1 Cancellations must be made 24 hours before any given booked service. This is so that services can be offered elsewhere. Should client's fail to cancel with 24 hours notice, a flat rate £5 cancellation fee will be added to their next bill. In the case where block bookings have been made (holidays), 7 days notice is required for cancellations. Failing this, a cancellation fee of £5 per booked day will be charged.
4.2 Pet Sitting Cancellations: 7 days notice must be given as a minimum for cancellations of pet sitting services so that other client bookings can be made. Failure to cancel with 7 days notice will result in a 25% charge of the total booking fee being invoiced to the client.
4.3 Emergency situation cancellations (i.e. extreme weather scenarios or public health emergencies) will be dealt with on an ad-hoc basis. If cancellation is deemed reasonable, there will be no cancellation fee.

5. Emergencies
5.1 Client agrees to authorise the carer to handle any emergencies that may arise. Carer will make every effort to contact the client, however the client gives the carer authority to act in the pet's /home's best interest.
5.2 Carer requires client to have a responsible party to take care of the pet(s) in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as illness and in the event of inclemental weather or natural disaster. It is best the emergency contact is a neighbour so they can reach the client's home quickest. The carer is not responsible for the pets in these circumstances.

6. Adverse Weather Conditions
6.1 In the event of extreme or adverse weather conditions (heavy unpassable snow etc) services may have to be cancelled last minute for the safety of the carer. In these cases as much notice as possible will be given to the client so that alternate arrangements can be made.
6.2 The client agrees to allow the carer to use "best judgement" when assessing the weather and the most appropriate service to be used. In extreme heat, walks may be limited and / or substituted for other activities such as indoor play in order to keep the animal safe. This is at the discretion of the carer, although an update will be given to the client in this event. 

7. Payment Terms
7.1 Services will be invoiced at the end of each calendar month via email. Please ensure you have added to your allowed senders list and regularly check your junk mail. Clients agree to make payment on invoices within 5 days of invoices being issued. Late payments may result in suspension of services and will incur a late payment flat rate fee of £5 added to the next bill.

8. Loyalty Scheme
8.1 Clients will earn 'loyalty stamps' for each service booked which are recorded virtually by LCP. Loyalty stamps are not earned with sitting services or small animal boarding. When a client earns 15 stamps in any 2 month period, they will be credited with a free service which will be automatically applied to their next booked service. Stamps are reset every 2 months.

9. Bank Holidays
9.1 Services booked on Bank Holidays will be charged at an additional 25%.

10. Social Media
10.1 Little Critters Petcare representatives may take photos of your pets for use in client updates and also for our social media presence. Any photographs taken will be specifically checked by LCP for identifiable personal data before being used. If clients would prefer to not have their pet's images used, the client must specifically instruct LCP in advance of services taking place.

Additional Terms and Conditions for Small Animal Boarding

1. Timings

1.1 The owner agrees to drop off their pet between 9am & 6pm on the first night of their booking at a pre-arranged time.

1.2 Pets must be collected before 6pm on the final day of their stay. Owners must get in touch to arrange collection before coming to pick up their pet to ensure the carer is in the home. If the owner fails to collect their pet before 6pm, an additional day's charge will be added to their bill.

2. Additional Responsibilities

2.1 It is expressly the responsibility of the owner to provide the carer with all the necessary food/treats/toys for the duration of the stay. Any additional purchases that need to be made as a result of not being left with enough materials will be billed to the owner upon collection of their animal. 

3. Additional Liabilities

3.1 The owner is aware that other animals may be residing at the boarding residence and as such understands that limited contact may occur between them. The carer will do everything possible to minimise any interactions, including but not limited to, separating animals into different rooms.

3.2 Liability for any injury to the animal(s) caused by faulty housing or toys that are provided by the owner will be solely the responsibility of the owner and no action may be taken against the carer. The owner agrees that they have fully inspected all units/cages/toys etc for faults and damages before dropping off their pet.

4. Boarding Cancellations

4.1 Cancellations for small animal boarding services must be made 1 week before any given booking. Should clients fail to cancel with 1 weeks advanced notice, a flat rate £10 cancellation fee will be added to their bill. In the case a cancellation is made with only 24hrs notice, the full boarding fee will be charged, with the exception of reasonable circumstances as outlined above.