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Little Critters Petcare provides all
kinds of pet services from dog walking &
cat sitting, to vet drop offs and more!

Pet Sitting

We offer pet sitting in our clients home subject to our pet carer's availability. These services can be used for any type of pet!

Please note that new clients who are looking for ad hoc pet sitting can only be registered when they have dates ready for us. We have three types of pet sitting options for clients:

Overnight Only

Our Overnight Only service covers your pet care from 7pm to 7am.

During this time we try to maintain consistency with your pet's normal evening routine, including feeding, toilet breaks and bedtime. This routine is different client to client so we will always have a conversation before commencing services.

Please note that this service does not include full dog walks for canine clients however we are more than happy for a short stroll to be included if needed.

24hr Pet Sitting

This service can be booked in blocks of 24hrs on any given day.

This service is used by clients who require extra pet care over and above overnight stays. During these bookings we essentially 'move in' to your home, using it as a base so that your pet has regular contact, can be let out for toilet breaks often and be fed in accordance with their usual routine as well as overnight supervision. 

Please note that pets must be able to be left alone for short periods of time so that other clients and commitments can be maintained. 

For canine customers our 24hr service includes up to 2 walks per day. Where dogs can be safely walked with others they will be integrated into our group walks throughout the day - if they are not suited to group walks they will be walked individually outside of peak walking time. 

If clients require additional walks beyond this, they must request additional bookings which will come at an extra charge.

Daytime Only Pet Sitting

If clients need a few hours of pet sitting during the day (before 7pm), this may be something we can help with, subject to availability. 

Please note that we are unable to offer this service during peak times and alternative services may be offered if we are unable to accommodate a request.

Multi Pet Households

Clients with multiple pets should contact us for additional information about pricing tailored to the number of animals and extra tasks that need to be done during pet sitting bookings.