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Little Critters Petcare provides all
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Home Visits

Puppy/Dog Visits, Cat Visits & Small Animal Visits

With any of our home visit services, if you book a second visit on the same day, it is discounted!

Puppy/Dog Visits

Our puppy & dog visits are suited to pets who for one reason or other are unable to use our walking services. Examples of why this might be are:

  • Dogs who are too young or inexperienced in social settings
  • Dogs who are unable to walk for long periods of time due to illness or disability
  • Clients are only out for short periods of time and want feeding and company for their pet only
There are of course many other reasons that a client may want a drop in visit only - please get in touch to discuss your needs!

As standard, during these visits we let pets out for toilet breaks (depending on the age and ability of the dog we are able to incorporate a short walk into the visit if required), refresh water bowls, feed if required and provide some interaction through play.

If there are any specific activities that clients wish us to do with their pet during their visit, this can be discussed at your meet and greet session. If you are in a multi dog household, additional charges will apply - please message us for further details.

Please note that home visits can only be booked outside of peak walking time - we are unable to provide lunchtime visits regularly due to group walking commitments.

Cat Visits

Similarly to our dog visit services, these visits last up to half an hour. We will discuss with clients their individual requirements for these visits at your meet and greet, however as standard the usual things covered by our visits are:

  • Refresh of litter trays
  • Feeding/refresh of water bowls
  • Play and activities
  • Cuddles and hugs!
In nearly all cases we get to spend time interacting with the cats booked in for visits, however on occasion outdoor cats may not make an appearance when we go in! On these occasions we will complete all tasks asked of us before leaving your pet to their own devices - not all kitties like attention and for their comfort and stress levels we do not chase cats around demanding attention from them on home visits.

Small Animal Visits

Small animal visits are also usually booked for up to half an hour. During this time we will complete any tasks asked of us from feeding and playing, to cleaning out and letting pets out for exercise (in the case of suitable & secure pens being present).

In some cases, clients with multiple small animals may need to book an extended visit to allow us enough time to complete all the necessary tasks - in these cases please speak to us when booking about the tasks that are needed and we will make a reasonable assessment of the length of time your visits will 

need to be.

Please note that we will not allow pets to be left unsupervised in housing that is not secure or damaged. Please inspect any crates, pens or hutches before services commence.